Body Care Cosmetic Use Sweet Almond Oil Carrier oil

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Product Name: Sweet Almond Oil

Appearance: Yellowish liquid

Odour:Sweet fragrant in odor

Ingredient: Oleic acid,Linoleic acid etc

CAS NO: 8007-69-0

Sample: Freely Provide 10ml

Certification:MSDS/COA/FDA/ISO 9001

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Sweet almond oil:

Almonds are rich in protein, fat, multivitamins and mineral elements, etc. The “Food Composition Table” edited by the Institute of Health, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences shows that every 100 grams of almonds contain 35%-50% fat and 25%-50% protein. 27%, and more than 95% are unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid; at the same time, it is rich in various vitamins and mineral elements, among which the contents of magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium are 6 times, 7 times, and 3 times that of milk, respectively. 3 times, 4 times; the selenium content is 27.6mg/100g, which has the effect of improving the body’s immunity and prolonging life; in the rich mineral content, in addition to the rich selenium content, almonds are also rich in vitamin Bi, B2 and carotene; sweet almonds can be eaten directly, and bitter almonds must be detoxified (oxycyanic acid) before eating. Sweet almond oil has certain health care and anti-cancer effects, and is favored by people no matter it is eaten fresh or processed. Since sweet almond oil contains up to 95.41% unsaturated fatty acids, of which oleic acid accounts for 72.51% and linoleic acid accounts for 22.90%, it has rich nutritional value and good medicinal value.


Efficacy and function Sweet almond oil is easy to absorb, rich in vitamins, has the magical effect of nourishing and moisturizing, soothing and anti-allergic effects; sweet almond oil is a vegetable oil with excellent skin care and moisturizing effects, it is suitable for dry skin or Skin discomfort caused by climate change is very beneficial. It can promote cell growth and is suitable for dry, sensitive, irritated and dull skin. It is a natural moisturizer; sweet almond oil can restore smooth and soft skin, if long-term Use can effectively eliminate stretch marks. Because sweet almond oil is extremely mild, even babies can use it. In addition, for muscle pain caused by excessive exercise, massage with sweet almond oil can strengthen the oxygen-carrying function of cells, eliminate fatigue and carbonic acid accumulation, and have the effect of analgesia and relief of irritation ;Sweet almond oil is also a very good skin care product that can soften and repair the dry skin around the nails. It can strengthen the nails and prevent the hardening around the dry skin! In addition, oral sweet almond oil can laxative, reduce blood cholesterol levels, and prevent heart disease , Improve diabetes and other effects.

Sweet almond oil is mainly composed of oleic acid and linoleic acid, the sum of the two contents can reach more than 91%, of which the sum of monounsaturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid can reach more than 95%, and the monounsaturated fatty acid can reach more than 70%. , In addition, sweet almond oil also contains vitamin E, which includes ingredients such as a-fertility and y-fertility boats. Because sweet almond oil has a very good nutritional effect, it is often eaten as a natural high-grade edible oil. At the same time, sweet almond oil is also widely used in cosmetics at home and abroad, such as fragrant islands, milk honey, creams, etc. Used as a natural additive, it not only adds anti-aging and emollient effects to the product, but also adds its unique fragrance to the product.

1.Are these Essential Oil natural or syntactic?
We are manufacturer and Mostly our products are extracted by plants naturally, no solvent plus and other materials.
You can buy it safely.

2.Are our products could be used directly for skin?
Kindly noted that our products are pure essential oil, you should have used after the allocation with base oil

3. What is the package of our products?
We have different packages for the oil and solid plant extract.

4. How to identify the grade of different essential oil?
There are usually 3 grades of natural essential oil
A is the Pharma Grade , we can use it in Medical industry and surely available in any other industries.
B is the Food Grade, we can use them in food flavors ,daily flavors etc.
C is the Perfume Grade, we can use it for flavors & fragrances, beauty and skin care.

5.How can we know your quality ?
Our products have approved relative professional tests and achieved relative certificates, furthermore, before you Order, we can offer the product sample to you for free, and then after you using, you can get a better understanding of our products.

6.What’s our delivery ?
Ready stock, Anytime. NO MOQ,

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T/T, Paypal ,Western union,Alibaba payment

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