Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Cinnamaldehyde

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Product Name: Cinnamaldehyde

Appearance: Colorless or yellowish liquid

Odour:Strong odor of cinnamon

Ingredient: Cinnamon

CAS NO: 104-55-2

Sample:Freely Provide 10ml

Certification:MSDS/COA/FDA/ISO 9001

  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1kg
  • Supply Ability: 2000KG per Month
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    Cinnamaldehyde is one of the important spices, often used in soap flavor, preparation of mast, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose
    and other flavors. 
    Edible spices, mainly used to prepare cinnamon, cinnamon, cola flavor.
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    Cinnamaldehyde is one of the important pharmaceutical raw materials. Commonly used in external medicines and synthetic medicines. Because it can promote blood circulation, warm the skin, tighten skin tissue, and can be used externally for massage to make the limbs and body comfortable, it can fully improve the phenomenon of water retention, and has a strong lipolysis effect.
    It is effective in softening and removing skin scars and fibroids. Disperse blood stasis Chemicalbook. It has antithrombin effect and has sedative, analgesic, antipyretic, anticonvulsant and other effects. It also has the effect of inhibiting mold. In addition, cinnamic aldehyde is one of the important spices and is often used in soap flavors to prepare flavors such as jasmine, jasmine, lily of the valley, and rose.
    Used in food to preserve fruits, etc. The latest research shows that cinnamic aldehyde used in chewing gum can have dual functions of sterilizing and deodorizing the oral cavity.

    1.Are these Essential Oil natural or syntactic?
    We are manufacturer and Mostly our products are extracted by plants naturally, no solvent plus and other materials.
    You can buy it safely.

    2.Are our products could be used directly for skin?
    Kindly noted that our products are pure essential oil, you should have used after the allocation with base oil

    3. What is the package of our products?
    We have different packages for the oil and solid plant extract.

    4. How to identify the grade of different essential oil?
    There are usually 3 grades of natural essential oil
    A is the Pharma Grade , we can use it in Medical industry and surely available in any other industries.
    B is the Food Grade, we can use them in food flavors ,daily flavors etc.
    C is the Perfume Grade, we can use it for flavors & fragrances, beauty and skin care.

    5.How can we know your quality ?
    Our products have approved relative professional tests and achieved relative certificates, furthermore, before you Order, we can offer the product sample to you for free, and then after you using, you can get a better understanding of our products.

    6.What’s our delivery ?
    Ready stock, Anytime. NO MOQ,

    7. what are the payment method?
    T/T, Paypal ,Western union,Alibaba payment

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