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Product CategoryEssential Oil 

The essential oil usually extracted by the steam distillation, cold compression.
The raw material used in the production of essential oils, food and cosmetics are the second largest category of our products, such as camellia oil, eucalyptus oil, oregano oil and peppermint oil, etc.
Hairui Natural Plant selects high-quality raw materials with high standards, strictly controls and supervises the whole production and extraction process, and adopts strict inspection standards to grantee our oils to be the premium raw material oils which can be your best choice for your products.

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Product CategoryBase Oil

Base oil, also known as medium oil or carrier oil usually extracted by the cold compression.
Single essential oils cannot be rubbed directly on the skin, they must be diluted in a carrier oil before they can be widely used on our body's skin . Many carrier oils have medical properties of their own. We can extract a variety of vegetable oils.

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Product CategoryHerbal Extract

The herbal extract is usually separated by cooling from the essential oil. 
Premium products come from high-quality raw materials.
we have 5000+ acre self-owned raw material production base, where the whole process from seed selection, seedling raising, planting, harvesting, etc., are well supervised and controlled, which ensures the timely supply of the raw materials with excellent quality.

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HAIRUI Founded in 2006, Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that specializes in the production and sale of natural plant essential oil and is located at Jinggang Mountain High-Tech Development Zone, Ji’an. Known as the home of spice, the favorable geographical position here allows us to have more superior, abundant and professional resource of natural plants.  Having invested a total of RMB 50 million, the company covers an area of 13,000 square meters and boasts first-class inspection equipment and various testing and inspection facilities, which allow the company to be capable of producing 2,000 tons of natural essential oil.
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Our Advantage

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    What we offer?

    Hairui Natural Plant only offers natural, safe, effective, and scientifically backed products that are manufactured and tested through rigorous quality control procedures.

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    What do we do?

    Hairui Natural Plant has invested aboundent resources on the upgrading of QA/QC standard and innovation level, and keep on improving our core competitiveness on the quality control and R&D level.

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    Why work with Hairui Natural Plant

    From the strict selection of the raw materials to the final delivery test, all the 9 steps quality control procedures make sure the premium quality of our products. Quick response for supporting you with most optimized solution.


Essential oil usually extracted from the flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, bark, fruits and other parts of the plants, and extracted by steam distillation, cold compression, fat absorption or solvent extraction. Comes out, with a high concentration of aroma and volatility.It can be used in many fields.
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