JiangXi HaiRui Natural Plant Co., Ltd.

All Rivers In The Sea, Ruixiang In The World


We established in 2006 and specialized in manufacturing natural plant essential oil .
Now we have the capacity of 2000 t per year.We will always uphold the idea 'Survive with high quality,develop with reputation' to win the market.


Our Company locates in JingGangShan High-tech Development Zone,Ji'an city ,which famous as 'Town of Spices'.It is a beautiful place full of raw materials ,that make us more advanced and more professional.


At present, we have more than types and customers all over the world.Our sales network over Europe,America,Middle Eeat and Middle Asia etc.You are very welcomed by HaiRui .We will provide sincere service,good quality and the most favourable prices for our brilliant future!

The Mental Method Of Self Cultivation
Ten Culture Of Hai Rui
Eight Honors And Eight Disgraces Of Hai Rui
The Mental Method Of Self Cultivation

No matter I am at home or in the company, I must respect him and her;
Forbearance can not be tolerated by others, and can not be done by pedestrians;
Give up what others can't give up and accept what others can't accept;
The labor of others is the beauty of success;
Review my own fault while sitting alone, never talk gossip while chatting with others;
From morning to dusk, from dusk to early morning, live, sit and lie, dress and eat;
Filial piety, respect for teachers, loyal, uninterrupted, grateful, sincere;
To be responsible for others is to blame oneself, and to forgive others;
Only good appearance, not bad appearance;
Even if there is progress, I always feel that my cultivation is very shallow, and I don't boast about it;
Everyone is a teacher, but I am a student. If we can cultivate ourselves in this way, we will achieve great success!


Vision: to become an influential company in China's vegetable industry!
Mission: committed to the specialization, sustainability and internationalization of China's vegetable extraction industry, and strive for China's vegetable extraction industry to the world stage for life!
Values: team first, customer first, be responsible and grateful to the society

Ten Culture Of Hai Rui

1. Team spirit
2. There is no excuse for work
3. Work for mission
4. Lead by example
5. Stick to your post
6. Result oriented
7. The spirit of fact data
8. More than ten times the value
9. Fire like enthusiasm
10. Never give up

Eight Honors And Eight Disgraces Of Hai Rui

Be proud of being honest and trustworthy, and be shameful of forgetting justice for the sake of profit;
Be proud of being earnest and attentive, and be ashamed of being half hearted;
Be proud of the results and be ashamed of perfunctoriness;
Be proud of taking responsibility and shame on shirking responsibility;
We should be proud of open sharing and shame on selfishness;
He is proud of unity and fraternity, and is ashamed of intrigue;
To be proud of gratitude, to be ungrateful is a shame.

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Transportation here is very convenient. Our investment is 18million RMB, covering an area of 26000 sqm, with modern factory, top testing equipments and various experiment testing facilities.

-Jiangxi HaiRui Natural Plant Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers in China.

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