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Product Name: Clove Oil

Appearance: Light yellow oily liquid

Odour: Herb fragrance of clove

Ingredient: Eugenol

CAS NO: 8000-34-8

Sample: Available

Certification:MSDS/COA/FDA/ISO 9001

  • FOB Price: Negotiable
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1kg
  • Supply Ability: 2000KG per Month
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    Clove oil is a colorless to light yellow oily liquid, with clove aroma and special spicy aroma. Placed in the air for a long time can be oxidized and dark in color, easy to dissolve in ethyl ether, acetone, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents, soluble in ethanol, difficult to dissolve in water.In medicine, it is used for antisepsis and oral disinfection. In industry, it is mainly used for preparing toothpaste and soap flavor or as raw material for synthesis of vanil

    Yellow to yellow-green liquid
    Relative Density
    Refractive Index
    Optical Rotation
    -1°- +2°
    Soluble in 70% of the ethanol
    99% of the eugenol

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    Clove oil is the essential oil extracted from the buds of cloves. It can treat toothache, bronchitis, neuralgia, stomach acid, resist respiratory system and urinary system infection, relieve discomfort and pain caused by dysentery, improve weak constitution and anemia, and aphrodisiac (sexual Impotence, cold feeling), insect repellent. Promote blood circulation, treat skin ulcers and wound inflammation, treat scabies, and improve rough skin.

    Clove oil contains a variety of active ingredients, which have insecticidal, bacteriostatic, and antioxidant effects, and there are no residues and drug resistance problems. As well as human health and safety issues, Caenorhabditis elegans was used as a model organism to study the poisonous effect of clove oil on nematodes. The experimental results showed that the semi-lethal concentrations (IC50) of clove oil and eugenol to Caenorhabditis elegans were 55.74 and 29.22 mg/L respectively; they could inhibit catalase, glutathione and superoxide Dismutase activity disrupts the dynamic balance of oxidation and anti-oxidation and reduces nematode oviposition. Through RNA-seq sequence analysis, the effects of clove oil and eugenol on nematodes were interpreted from the genetic level, and it was found that the genes that act on the metabolic function of nematodes were regulated, such as E01G6.1, cht-1, C40H1.8, lipl-5, Fat-2, txt-8, fat-4, acox-1.2, dagl-2, pigw-1, etc.; the regulation of genes such as hsp-70 and F44E5.5 makes the production of proteins in nematodes, especially heat shock proteins and jobs are affected. Clove oil is highly toxic to Caenorhabditis elegans, and can enter the body of the nematode to destroy it, reducing the harm of the nematode from the root. It can be seen that clove oil can be used in combination with traditional chemical agents, thereby reducing the amount of traditional chemical agents, and has great development value as a green insecticide in the application of agricultural fields.



    1.Are these Essential Oil natural or syntactic?
    We are manufacturer and Mostly our products are extracted by plants naturally, no solvent plus and other materials.
    You can buy it safely.

    2.Are our products could be used directly for skin?
    Kindly noted that our products are pure essential oil, you should have used after the allocation with base oil

    3. What is the package of our products?
    We have different packages for the oil and solid plant extract.

    4. How to identify the grade of different essential oil?
    There are usually 3 grades of natural essential oil
    A is the Pharma Grade , we can use it in Medical industry and surely available in any other industries.
    B is the Food Grade, we can use them in food flavors ,daily flavors etc.
    C is the Perfume Grade, we can use it for flavors & fragrances, beauty and skin care.

    5.How can we know your quality ?
    Our products have approved relative professional tests and achieved relative certificates, furthermore, before you Order, we can offer the product sample to you for free, and then after you using, you can get a better understanding of our products.

    6.What’s our delivery ?
    Ready stock, Anytime. NO MOQ,

    7. what are the payment method?
    T/T, Paypal ,Western union,Alibaba payment

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