EUCALYPTUS OIL—eucalyptus oil

Chinese aliases: Eucalyptus oil

CAS number:8000-48-4

Appearance:colorless to light yellow liquid [Aroma] It has the characteristic aroma of 1.8 eucalyptol, a slightly camphor-like smell and a spicy cool taste

Relative density (25/25℃): 0.904~0.9250

Refractive index (20℃):1.458~1.4740 [Optical rotation (20°C] -10°~+10°

Solubility: 1 volume of sample is miscible in 5 volumes of 70.0% ethanol, and it is a clear solution

Content: Containing eucalyptol ≥ 70.0% or 80%

Source: Distilled and extracted from the branches and leaves of Eucalyptus


【Plant form】Large tree, more than ten meters high. The bark is often flaky and pale blue-gray; the branches are slightly quadrangular, with glandular points, and narrow wings on the edges. Leaf type II: old trees have normal leaves, sickle-lanceolate leaves, long acuminate apex, wide wedge-shaped base and slightly oblique; young plants and new branches have abnormal leaves, opposite single leaves, oval-ovate leaves, Sessile, clasping stems, apex short and pointed, base shallow heart-shaped; the undersides of both leaves are densely covered with white powder and greenish-gray, with obvious glandular spots on both sides. Flowers are usually solitary in leaf axils or 2-3 in clusters, sessile or with very short and flat stalks; calyx tube has ribs and nodules, with blue-white wax cover; petals and sepals combine to form a cap, pale Yellowish-white, with many stamens and separate columns; the style is thicker. Capsule cup-shaped, with 4 edges and no obvious tumor or groove.

[Distribution of origin] Most of them are cultivated. Distributed in Aus and China Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places.
[Efficacy and function] Dispelling wind and relieving heat, dispelling dampness and detoxification. It is a Xinliang anti-exterior medicine that belongs to the subcategory of anti-
exterior medicine.

[Clinical Application] The dosage is 9-15 grams; appropriate amount for external use. It is used to treat colds, flu, enteritis, diarrhea, itchy skin, neuralgia, burns, and mosquitoes.

eucalyptus oil

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