Summer as promised, whether at home or out, there will always encounter some inexplicable bugs. So, what bugs do we need to watch out for?


The first is the most common, and some people are particularly attracted to mosquitoes.So you need a geranium to protect yourself from mosquitoes.When in the home, can use geranium drop to be in the window place, ok also sweet smoke.Geranium drop is in collar sleeve when going out, can prevent mosquito bite effectively.

 Geranium Oil


The second type is ticks. There are often news reports that children playing in the wild will be bitten by ticks. If they are forcibly pulled, they will be stung more and more tightly.So we can use peppermint essential oil on the bite.Or add mint to water before you go out, such as 30 milliliters of water with 6 drops of peppermint essential oil.Use it as a spray to prevent bites.



The third species is the staphylococcus, which blisters when bitten and infects the surrounding skin with a yellow fluid.At this point, use the tea plant directly where it is needed.You can also try mint and lavender and mix them together to make a spray.


The fourth is insects such as spiders, caterpillars and bees.You’ll often encounter them when you’re out exploring the woods.Therefore, lemongrass essential oil must be on your body in time.Use basil on clothes, hair, shoelaces, etc., before going out.

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Well, with all that introduced, we must remember to use essential oils for summer play.Small and repeated doses of essential oils are needed for both prevention and aftercare.Sensitive, please remember to dilute the use.

Post time: Aug-03-2021