Oregano Oil (Oregano Oil) is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent found by human currently. It is extracted from wild plant Oregano, which is mostly grown in The Mediterranean region of Greece and Portugal. It is the first herbal medicine of the Greeks.

The world’s father of medicine, Hippocrate, said that oregano essential oil has antibacterial properties, as well as the ability to relieve gastrointestinal distress and breathing problems.As far back as the Middle Ages, oregano oil has been used as an antiseptic and for food preservation.In 17th century England, oregano oil was widely used to treat colds and colds.

Chinese traditional medicine thinks: oregano is hot, cool and non-toxic, the whole grass can be used as medicine, has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving surface, rationalizing vaporization and dampness, diuresis and deswelling.In modern medicine, oregano essential oil is used as a herbaceous defense against fungi, viruses, bacteria and parasites, especially for the control of intestinal diseases caused by e. coli and salmonella.

Oregano, also known as wild marjoram, is a versatile herb that is used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, viral-fighting, and digestive aid. It is also used as a seasoning in European cooking, especially pizza, without which it would lose its essential flavor.Oregano gives us more layer, more dimension and richness in our dishes.

Oregano essential oil is extracted from its leaves by steam distillation and has a herbaceous, strong, green, camphor odor.The main chemical constituents are carvacrol and thymol.

Oregano is considered a powerful natural antibiotic, and studies have shown it can even fight a type of super staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that is currently ineffective against any antibiotics.Oregano’s antioxidant power is superior to many other herbs, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimating its antioxidant power to be four times that of blueberries, 12 times that of oranges, and 42 times that of apples!


Main benefits of oregano essential oil

• The treatment of colds, influenza, respiratory infections, mucositis has alleviating effect

• Relieves asthma and cough symptoms and is effective for chronic bronchitis

• Fight viruses (skin infections/injuries), tuberculosis and plague

• Anti-inflammatory bactericidal, pneumonia

• A natural painkiller that relieves pain and toothache, chronic rheumatism, and improves muscle pain

• For fungal infections, parasites, ringworm, nails, warts, calluses

• Clean blood and balance metabolism

• Stabilize your mood and strengthen your sense of security


Oregano oil uses a recipe


① Tinea pedis, nails, athlete’s foot: 1-2 drops of oregano diluted and applied to the affected part, between the toes, twice a day;Soak your feet in warm water.(Serve with tea tree)

② Warts and corns: 2 drops of oregano diluted twice a day and applied to the affected part.

③ Wound inflammation and fungal infection: depending on the size of the affected area, dilute a few drops and smear on the affected area, twice a day;(Serve with tea tree)

④ cold: 1 drop oregano drops into water after gargling swallow;Apply 1 drop to throat, chest, and back of neck;1 drop of oregano to sniff.(Serve with tea tree)

⑤ Daily cleaning: Put 2 drops of oregano in the bird. for cleaning, cockroaches, parasites, mosquitoes, etc. will not appear in the home.(Serve with thyme)

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