China is actually an ancient civilization that first used aromatic plants to maintain health. Plants were used in ancient times, using plant characteristics to treat diseases, and burning incense to help establish harmony and physical and mental balance. .

The magic of nature has given us a continuous source of life, and it is also the gift of nature to mankind, so that we can always enjoy the various treasures it gives, and plant essential oils are one of them. The history of human use of essential oils is as long as the history of human civilization, and the true origin is difficult to verify. According to historical records, an Arab doctor used distillation to extract flower essence, which has been made into essential oils until the flourishing age of ancient Greece. It can be seen that medical books at that time recorded many practical uses of essential oils, even in ancient Egypt before 5000 BC. A high priest once filled a corpse with a resin spice to make mummies. You can imagine how precious the essential oils were at that time.

In many ancient religions or ethnic groups, no matter what kind of ceremony or celebration, various spices extracted from plants were always used to add sacredness to the ceremony. We can learn from many myths or biblical stories. It can be found in the records.

By the 13th century, the famous Bologna School of Medicine in Italy invented an anesthetic made of various essential oils, which was widely used in surgical operations. Hugo, who invented this prescription, is said to have also been from the Bologna School of Medicine. Founder.

In the fifteenth century, Verminis invented a kind of “wonderful water”, and then his niece made the famous “Fanari Cologne”. This kind of cologne has been proven to have disinfection effect, and this kind of cologne is also Made with essential oils of flower plants.

In France in the 16th century, some people were used to wearing spice gloves that contained lavender and various local herbs. As a result, those wearing spice gloves were more resistant to some epidemic diseases at that time. Many businessmen began to specialize. The production of essential oils for fragrances. This type of essential oils also helped the Greeks resist an epidemic. Since then, aromatherapy centered on essential oils has attracted the attention of many scholars and has since spread to various places. Especially in recent years, aromatherapy has gradually increased. Get the attention of the world.

Today, essential oils have been widely used in all aspects. The main production center of essential oils in the world is the ancient city of Grasse near the French Riviera. Therefore, besides wine, France can also be regarded as the holy land of essential oils today.

Post time: Sep-22-2020