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Cloves (EugeniacaryophllataThunb.) as the myrtle acuminatissima genera arbor cloves. Clove oil is an essential oil extracted from clove buds. It can treat toothache, bronchitis, neuralgia, gastric acid, respiratory tract and urinary tract infections, relieve discomfort and pain caused by dysentery, improve debilitation and anemia, aphrodisiac (impotence, cold feeling), and repelling insects. Promote blood circulation, cure skin ulcer and wound inflammation, treat scabies, improve rough skin.



Clove oil is a great natural remedy for dry skin. The best way to use this treatment is to make the oil into a liquid and apply it to the skin with a clean rag. It is also used in many products specifically designed to help reduce stretch marks, puffy eyes andpuffy skin.
2.Relieve pain
Clove oil is good for toothache and other toothaches. In fact, this is the most common treatment for this natural herb. There are several ways to use this leaf. If you have natural clove leaves, you can simply place it on the aching tooth and let it sit for a few minutes, or, if you have liquid clove leaves, simply place a drop on the aching tooth. In addition to toothache, cloves are said to help relieve pain in dry cavities, a common complication of tooth extraction.
3.Reduce pressure
Clove oil warms the body and has a pungent aroma that instantly lifts the spirits. Topical application or ingestion in diluted form can help eliminate mental exhaustion and fatigue. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, clove oil can be mixed with carrier oil for use as a massage oil, which helps reduce stress and tension in the body.