Anti-wrinkle jojoba oil for skin care

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Jojoba OIL is the most permeable basic oil, easy to be absorbed by the skin, refreshing, moist, non-greasy, can restore skin pH balance, remove wrinkles, effectively improve oily skin, regulate sebaceous gland secretion function, shrink pores, and is also
the best skin moisturizing oil. It forms an oil film that, unlike the mineral oil, can control water loss through
evaporation. Good jojoba oil is golden brown, very clear, faintly nutty and full, but not as heavy as other vegetable oils. A little bit of it is applied to the skin and absorbed immediately.

Product Name
Jojoba oil
Yellow liquid
Relative Density
0.87 g/mL at 20 °C
Refractive Index
Storage condition
The excellent maintenance effect of Jojoba oil can bring enough moisture to the skin, stabilize the oil layer generated by the epidermis, and make the skin appear tender and shiny again. With for a long time, sensitive dryness can now be relieved. As basil oil, jojoba oil is a versatile skin-friendly oil that can be paired with a variety of essential oils for all skin types.
jojoba oil